How to Write a Nursing Journal Article Review in a Few Steps ( For Nursing Students)


What is an Article Review
A Step-By-Step Guide To Nursing Journal Article Review
The Pre-Writing Process
Identify the Review Title
Article Citation
Nursing Journal Article Format Example in APA
Nursing Journal Article Format Example in MLA
Identification of the Article
Writing Process
Write Review Introduction
Article Summarization
Provide a critique
Conclude, and Proofread

What is an Article Review

Evidence and research findings for often presented in nursing journals. They give all nurses a platform to share evidence with their fellows. Besides writing nursing journal articles, nurses also do reviews on other people’s journal articles. A journal article review is an evaluation of past research work done by other people. When doing an article review, you give a logical analysis of the article’s main topic, spot the gaps and propose future findings needed to be done.  Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write a great nursing journal article review.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Nursing Journal Article Review Writing

The Pre-Writing Process

Step 1: Preparation

Before embarking on the review writing process, the very first important step a nurse needs to do is preparation. Article review preparation requires the author to comprehend the purpose of their review based on the context of the articles.  Evaluate the review’s setup to help you know how you will approach the article.  Outlining the review’s organization will summarize and note the key areas needing focus in the journal article hassle-free. Next, one has to preview and read the articles keenly. You look at the article organization, note the key themes, and finally, make customized evaluation steps.

Step 2: Identify the Review Title

After preparation, You need to decide on the topic you are writing about. The topics vary in that they could be a descriptive, declaration, or an interrogating title.

Step 3: Article Citation

After deciding on the title, add the article’s citation. The citation comes immediately after the title. When citing the article, one must use the correct formatting styles.  The citation format used depends on the instructions given by your instructor. It could be in MLA, APA, or any other formatting style.

Nursing Journal Article Review Format Example in APA

Mukhtar S. (2020). Psychological health during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic outbreak. The International journal of social psychiatry66(5), 512–516.

Nursing Journal Article Review
Nursing Journal Article Review APA

Nursing Journal Article Review Format Example in APA

Mukhtar, Sonia. “Psychological health during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic outbreak.” The International journal of social psychiatry vol. 66,5 (2020): 512-516. doi:10.1177/0020764020925835

Step 4: Identification of the Article

The reviewer should outline the article’s title, the authors involved, and the journal’s title. Moreover, the year of article publication is included. All this information is written in the review first paragraph.

Writing Process

Step 5: Write Review Introduction

Journal article review introductory section helps the writer organize their work accordingly before diving deep into the review writing. In the introduction, you can outline the key topics discussed in the articles, the thesis statement, and a short preview of the findings available in the articles. Inform should be written in the third person.

Step 6: Article Summarization

You should summarize the journal article by pointing out the main themes, facts, and findings.  In summary, show how the research supports its findings. The author’s conclusion features in this section.  To show a better understanding of the review, one can provide examples and direct quotes from the article.

Step 7: Provide a critique

Provide a discussion on the weaknesses and strengths found in the journal publication. One can give their opinion based on how the author provided facts and if the research results are helpful in their field of study. In your critique, show your stand; are you for it or against it? Relevant facts are needed to support your arguments depending on the side you pick. You can also identify the article’s audience.

Step 8: Conclude and Proofread

The conclusion takes around 10% of the entire work. When concluding, you should summarize the key themes presented in the article, your opinions, and the content’s relevance and accuracy. Additionally, point out gaps available in the research and suggest future research work needed.

Lastly, one needs to re-read their work to check for grammar mistakes and ensure that the review information falls with the instructor’s guidelines and expectations.


Journal articles are an integral part of the nursing profession. They allow nurses to share their experiences with their fellow.  Doing nursing journal article reviews provides multiple advantages to the readers and target audience. Therefore, to compile good work, follow the steps above help you write the best nursing journal article reviews.

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